2012: What a Great Year For BMES!

Ed Evans Announcements

BMES, Biomedical equipment repair2012 has been yet another record year for BMES! As I reflect on the year, I am so very proud of the team. Proud of all of the hard work, hours, determination, and commitment we have lived out this year through BMES as a business.

It’s difficult to capture it all in one page, but here are just a few of the highlights as I reflect:

  • Life Balance has been lived out well this year. This can be a challenge when in the midst of growth, but the team has worked hard at making sure that their families didn’t get overlooked in the process of their dedication and hard work. It reminds me of the reality that life isn’t all about business. Business is a means God uses to provide for families. That reality being lived out is a great joy to see firsthand.
  • M2601A Parts Program was launched this year. We are now offering parts replacement solutions. It has been highly successful and I am very pleased with the direction things are headed in this arena. The future is bright with parts solutions development for BMES.
  • Our Sales force is growing and producing. This year was another record sales year for BMES. As the sales force has grown and developed, it has become obvious to me that things are looking great as we head into the future.
  • Service growth. Of course with growth comes more volume and our service team has delivered once again. We are now offering repair solutions in Telemetry, Bedside Modules, Patient Monitors, AGMs, Fetal Transducers, Suction Regulators, O2 Blendors, Pulse Oximeter Sensors, and more. This is a great accomplishment that we are all very proud to offer to the biomed community.
  • Quality Control Focus has been another strong suit for us this year. I am confident that we offer the absolute best Quality Control in the industry. I don’t say this as marketing line either. The team has really worked hard at building a process that forces failures before they leave our building, making sure that what goes out stays out.
  • We are blessed. As much as I would like to say that our success as a company is all about us as people, the reality is, that’s not true. We have been blessed with success as we have pulled together with God’s help to form quality solutions in this industry. I am thankful and I look forward to all that is to come.

Thank you for another great year in 2012!

Ed Evans
Bio-Medical Equipment Service Company