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BMES Is the Quality Solution

Ed Evans
June 23, 2015

BMES logo. Biomedical repair. Medical eqipmentBMES takes pride in being the total solution for your business needs and we want to support you with the challenges you face. Our focus is listening to the most important person and that is you. This has resulted in several convenient services we want to share:

Just as it says. Fill out the form on our Pack & Ship page and we will cover shipping supplies/costs. Simply package the device in the box we provide, drop it at the nearest UPS, USPS or Fed Ex store, or send it with your regularly scheduled shipments for pick up.

Pick Up and Delivery
Have a product that is difficult to pack or just don’t have time to do it? Simply contact your account representative and we will schedule to have your repair picked-up/delivered to you at no additional cost.

Tired of dealing with multiple vendors to provide you with parts, repairs, or supplies? BMES offers a variety of cables, supplies and accessories used with patient monitoring equipment so you will not need to contact multiple vendors to handle your needs.

BMES provides Patient Monitoring equipment that is refurbished to factory specifications. Saving money by purchasing reconditioned equipment offers you another option for consideration. BMEs also offers short term rental options as well. Give us the opportunity to show you what we deliver in value, quality, and reliability.

Bio-Medical Equipment Service Company has a national repair center located in Louisville, KY, minutes away from the National UPS hub. BMES has been going “Beyond the Expected” for our customers since 1989. Read more about our history and meet the management team behind our success. If you have questions about our services, head on over to meet your account rep. They will answer any questions you may have.

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