DT-4000 Medical Repair Problem Solving Guide

Ed Evans Tips

DT 4000 medical repairAs a medical repair company, BMES believes in educating our customers by sharing our tips for biomedical repair and diagnosis. Sometimes your equipment may experience hiccups in operation that may not require you to send it out, which can maximize uptime.

Before sending your DT-4000 Telemetry Transmitter to us for repair, check out our DT- 4000 problem solving guide below. The steps in this guide will help you determine if you’re experiencing a small issue that you can resolve in house.

DT-4000 Problem Solving Guide: 

Step 1 Replace the leadset with known good leadset.

Step 2 Replace the battery with known good battery.

Step 3 Check and make sure that transmitter and central station programmed frequencies are correct. For example, the transmitter and receiver are both programmable. If the transmitter is programmed to a frequency of 197.25Mhz with an ID# of 8, then the receiver must also be programmed to a frequency of 197.25Mhz with an ID# of 8. If your system does not use an ID#, then all you need to match are the frequencies. For programming instructions, go to www.bmesco.com and download the instructions for your system.

Step 4 Make sure the sector you are working with is selected and has the patient admitted.

If you’ve tried the steps above and you’re still experiencing problems, please send your device to: 

Bio-Medical Equipment Service Co.
2709 South Park Road
Louisville, KY 40219

You can also fill out the repair form online for your convenience. Thank you for the opportunity of serving you!