GE, Philips Fetal Transducers

Ed Evans Tips

biomedical equipment repairWe have great news! Simply put, you do not have to get stuck with purchasing from the OEM when you need accessories for your patient monitoring equipment. At BMES, we are committed to providing you alternatives that give you viable options for those needs. If you need replacement Fetal Transducers, BMES has you covered. We offer a varity of OEM-compatible Fetal Transducer replacements.  You can call the order in or simply order online with a hospital PO or Credit Card.

Our GE fetal transducer replacements include the following models: 

Our HP/Philips fetal transducer replacements include the following models: 

You can order these fetal transducers online on our website using a hospital PO. 
Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have about the models we carry. Our service team is always ready to go beyond the expected!