How to program a M2601 Transmitter and Receiver

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HOW TO PROGRAM A M2601 TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVERBMES is proud to offer biomedical repair to hospitals all around the United States. We are also pleased to share with you some potential quick fixes that you can perform on your own, before sending the device to us for repair.

This article will teach you how to program your M2601 Transmitter. The instructions are listed step-by-step below. If you have questions or run into an issue, please contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process: 888.828.2637.

CPU Central

Directions for changing Frequency on Transmitter using a Telemon

1. Enter the service mode

2. Scroll down to Telemon & Transmitter Service

3. Enter password:14432

4. Scroll down to configure transmitter, press Go

5. Select RF Configuration, press Go

6. Adjust the frequency by using the up and down arrows. The frequency will move by 0.125 Mhz with each push of the arrow key. When you reach the frequency you want push Done.

7. This will bring up the check code screen, enter check code using the up and down arrows and the navigate key.

8. When done push the Enter check code key, Message appears “RF frequency has been saved, press Done to exit”

9. Press Done —–until you are asked to exit service mode then press Accept.

10. The Telemon will then reboot.


**Note…Prior to proceeding, you must have a Wave-Viewer and access to the Philips Information Center (PIC).


From the Wave-Viewer and Transmitter:

1. Identify the Frequency and Check-code for the replacement transmitter.

2. Connect the transmitter to the Wave-Viewer. (via LED pipe or place them1 ½

apart with the IR port facing each other.)

3. At Wave-Viewer, Select: Config Mode

4. At Wave-Viewer, Select: Setup and password: 14432

5. At Wave-Viewer, Select: Change Frequency

6. At Wave-Viewer, Enter the new frequency and check code.

7. At Wave-Viewer, Verify the new configuration of the transmitter.. if

applicable. (Ie… Sp02 configuration, etc..)


At this time, you must learn the new transmitter’s OSCAR ID via the PIC through the following menus.


From PIC in Standard Display (Main Screen) Select:

  1. Select: Patient window
  2. Select: All Controls
  3. Select: Unit Settings
  4. Under Bedside Unit Settings, Select: Telemetry Freq and password: m3150
  5. Identify the receiver, frequency, and check-code that will be used with the new transmitter.
  6. Select and highlight the correct receiver.
  7. Click on the: Learn Xmit code and then (on M2601A Transmitter) hold Nurse Call button until E01 error disappears and ECG signal appears in the patient sector.


CMS Central Revision D and above

  1. Press the key labeled INSTRUMENT CONFIG.
  3. Enter the following pass code 14432.
  4. The screen being displayed for you now is a list of all of the channels for that central. Each channel represents a sector on your screen.
  5. Locate the sector you are working with by scrolling up and down with your keypad until you have the channel you are working with highlighted.
  6. The first thing to do is enter the down converted frequency value for that channel. The formula to find this frequency is as follows:

(Transmitter operating frequency)- (Option number of down converter)

Example: Transmitter frequency of 608.5625Mhz with a down converter option number 148 would give you a receiver frequency of 460.5625Mhz

  1. After entering the frequency you need press CONFIRM.
  2. Now the system is asking you for you check code. Each frequency has a check code assigned to it by Philips. Find the corresponding check code for your receiver frequency and enter it now.
  3. Press CONFIRM.
  4. Press CONFIRM one more time.
  5. Put a known good battery in your transmitter and connect transmitter to a patient simulator.
  6. Now press the key labeled LEARN CODE.
  7. Now press the nurse call button on your transmitter.
  8. You should now have a signal on that sector.
  9. Hook transmitter up to a patient simulator and admit the patient for that sector.