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Medical Repair for an M1400 HP Transmitter

Ed Evans
December 5, 2012
m1400-transmitter-flat-rate-repair-39500-pi-95In this online problem solving guide, we're providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and repair your M1400 Transmitter. Please take a look at the instructions listed below. If you have questions along the way, feel free to contact BMES's customer service department toll free at 888.828.2637.

STEP 1 Replace leadset with known good leadset.

STEP 2 Replace battery with known good battery.

STEP 3 Check and make sure that transmitter and receiver channel numbers match.


Transmitter and receiver are both fixed crystal devices. This means they only operate on the frequency of the crystal inside of them. The channel number has a specific frequency assigned to it by Hewlett Packard. Receiver and transmitter must have the same channel number in order to operate properly. If the channel number on the transmitter is 34 then the receiver must also be channel number 34.

STEP 4 Make sure you are not getting the following error code in the sector for the transmitter: EO1 INVALID SIGNAL. If you see this error code then you need to re-learn the code for this transmitter and receiver. For re-learning the code instructions go to and download the instructions for your system.

If you are still experiencing problems with your HP Transmitter, please send it to us for repair. Sign up for our Pack and Ship program to receive free shipping on equipment. Learn more here.

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