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Nellcor DS100A SP02 Finger Sensor

Ed Evans
February 4, 2013

BMES is a leading supplier of cables, supplies, and accessories for your Patient Monitoring Equipment. We are pleased to announce that the Nellcor DS100A SPO2 Compatible Finger Sensors and Adapter Extension Cables are available for purchase. This 3 foot hard shell finger sensor cable comes with a six-month warranty and is available for online ordering 24 hours a day with a credit card or hospital purchase order.

Nellcor DS100A SPO2 Finger Sensor
We also offer a no hassle estimate for repairing your current Nellcor equipment. If you are looking to purchase, rent, or are in need of technical support for your Nellcor DS100A equipment, complete our online form ( and a member of our Support Team will contact you.

The Nellcor DS100A Finger Sensor is compatible for the following patient monitors:

  • N100 (requires Nellcor N-200 Preamp Cable OEM # 077696)
  • N180
  • N200 (requires Nellcor N-200 Preamp Cable OEM # 077696)
  • N-20
  • N-390
  • N-395
  • N-3000
  • N-6000
  • NPB-40
  • NPB-75
  • NPB-295

At BMES our goal is to provide you with support for your medical repairs and equipment needs that is “Beyond the Expected.”

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