Replacement Parts For Philips M2601A

Ed Evans Tips

biomedical equipment repairJust because a manufacturer ends the life on a product you’re currently using, it does not mean you are forced to make a capital investment purchasing new equipment.

BMES provides a solution by offering replacement parts and services for various medical devices that are no longer manufactured. 

A perfect example of this involves the Philips M2601A transmitter. BMES offers depot service support for your repair needs and this comes with our best in class warranty. BMES also provides the following parts for purchase: (Click here for pricing)

  • Philips M2601A Battery Contact Kit w/Battery Door, OEM# M2601-60174
  • Philips M2601A Standard Case with Battery Contact Kit, OEM# M2601-60025
  • Philips M2601A Battery Door, OEM# M2601-40029
  • Philips M2601A Easi Case with Battery Contact Kit, OEM# M2601-60171
  • Philips M2601A Easi Membrane
  • Philips M2601A Easi Overlay
  • Philips M2601A Lead Block Plastic, OEM# M2601-60200
  • Philips M2601A Standard Membrane
  • Philips M2601A Standard Overlay 

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Do you have another product that is no longer serviced by the manufacturer and need help? Please contact our customer support team and we will be happy to talk with you to find a solution with your medical repair needs. 

At BMES “Going Beyond the Expected” is more than a tag line. This is the experience we are committed to providing our customers.  

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!