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Philips M4841A MAC Address Programming

Ed Evans
December 1, 2015

Philips-M4841A, Philips telemetry, BMES telemetry repair, programmingWelcome to BioMed University. Today, we will show you how to program the IntelliVue M4841A transmitter into your central station. Prior to programming your transmitter, be sure it is set to the factory defaults. Follow the steps below to program your device:

Steps to Program the M4841A IntelliVue Transmitter:

  1. Your equipment label should read new device and your RF access should read zero.
  2. Go to your Central Station to begin the programming process. Make sure that NO patient cables are attached to the unit while you are programming it.
  3. Click all controls, and under configuration, choose label assignment. Your password will be tele. This is where you’re going to find the list of your MAC addresses, your bed assignment, equipment labels and your end status.
  4. Put your battery into your transmitter. When your device is searching for a signal, you will see the light configuration and hear a beeping sound.
  5. Click the refresh button under the new devices category and look for the MAC address assigned to this transmitter. The MAC address is located under the battery door on the label in front of the batteries.
  6. Select your MAC address, go to your equipment labels, select a bed for assignment, and press assign label. On your transmitter, hit the check button, and over in the right column of your screen you will see a label assignment appear with the bed address.

After your unit has completed the label assignment you will see it listed under your MAC address and is ready to be viewed. Reboot transmitter by removing and reinstalling batteries. At this time, you are able to monitor your patient in the patient window. This process may take a few moments. After the stats are visible, your device is fully programmed.

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