Medical Repair For Pulse Oximeter Sensors

Ed Evans Tips

biomedical equipment repair

BMES has made purchasing patient monitoring accessories easier than ever. Whether it’s suppling hard-to-find brands like Masimo, or making online ordering possible with just a hospital PO number, we’re helping hospitals and biomeds purchase accessories, get equipment repaired, and have it all shipped faster than ever. 

We have recently created this one-page price sheet for pulse oximeter sensors. The price sheet lists the manufacturer name, a picture of the connector type, description of the sensor, length of the sensor, OEM part number, and price. 

Biomeds can use this list as a guide when purchasing new pulse oximeter sensors and know they’re ordering the right accessory based on the OEM part number and connector type. 

Here is a list of the brands and OEM part numbers we have listed on the price sheet:  

  • Datascope – 0600-00-0026-01 
  • Datex – OXY-F4-N / SAF-F4
  • Masimo / Datascope  – 1269 LNOP DCI / 0600-00-0047
  • Masimo / Datascope – LNOP DC-12 / 0600-00-0077
  • Nellcor – DS100A 
  • Nellcor – DS100A Oximax 
  • Ohmeda – OXY-F4-H 
  • Philips – M1190A, M1190A
  • Philips – M1191A, M1196A

To see the actual pricing and more information about each product, download the one-page price sheet here

This quick reference sheet lists some of our popular cables; however, we have more to offer than what is listed here. Call our support team if the product you need is not on the list. 

Online ordering is available 24 hours a day using a credit card or hospital purchase order. Let us know if we can assist you further!