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Philips Avalon Wireless Fetal Transducer Repair M2726A Ultrasound

Ed Evans
July 10, 2013
avalon-wirelessBMES now offers repair for the Philips Wireless Avalon Fetal Transducers (CTS). Avalon CTS is compatible with the entire installed base of Series 50 Fetal Monitors and works with the telemetry interface. The M2726A Ultrasound wireless fetal transducer is one of the 3 different models of wireless transducers that BMES is now offering service on. The ultrasound is a pulsed doppler system utilizing ultrasound frequency, and a pulse repetition to transmit and receive the fetal heart beat during labor and delivery. This device is a critical component to labor and deliver care. Placing the trust of maintaining and repairing such important equipment in the hands of BMES is something we take pride in.For repair pricing associated with the Avalon Cordless Transducer System, click here.The Avalon is transforming labor and delivery, giving expecting mothers the freedom to move around and not be confined by cords during delivery, all without compromising fetal monitoring.

As hospitals and manufacturers continue to make advancements in how they care for patients, BMES will continue to work hard to make sure we’re prepared to repair the equipment they rely on. For more information about BMES and how we service hospitals all over the United States and Canada, visit our website.

Monitoring Equipment needs? Call us today to take advantage of this great new service we are now providing!

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