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Philips M1001A Agilent Bedside Module

Ed Evans
May 14, 2013
PHILIPS M1001A AGILENT BEDSIDE MODULEWe are happy to announce that the reconditioned Philips M1001A Agilent Bedside Module is now available for purchase. BMES is a leading supplier of medical equipment and accessories and offers this reconditioned equipment on a first come, first served basis for $600.

The M1001A ECG Module is a three-channel electrocardiogram measurement parameter unit. It is designed to be used with adult, neonatal, or pediatric patients.

The features of this unit include:

  • Lead Selection Switch
  • Right Leg Drive – which minimizes interference from the 50/60 Hz power line
  • Test Signal Capable
  • Pacer Pulse Detection 

We offer a six-month warranty on all refurbished equipment. If you need technical support for your GE Apex Pro Transceiver, complete our online form and a member of our support team will contact you. Order online 24 hours a day with a credit card or a Hospital Purchase Order.

Our goal at BMES is to provide you with support for your medical equipment and service that is “Beyond the Expected.”

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